About Us

Accredited, award-winning quality and service

York House Foods was established in 1970, under the name York House Meat Products. It remains a privately owned business, operating from a factory extending to 50,000 square feet at Potton, in Bedfordshire.

We are EFSIS accredited and have a proven track record of quality and outstanding service to food manufacturers, food service businesses and retailers. Industry-leading names turn to us for the cuts, recipes and ingredients that give them their strong competitive edge.

Broad experience

Our presence in different markets creates a key benefit for our customers. It allows us to bring innovations and ideas developed in response to demand from one area of the business into every area. This exchange of knowledge and expertise can give you a head start with the latest industry trends, enabling a faster time-to-market for your own new developments.

Pride in provenance

Provenance and traceability have become crucial issues in today’s rigorously regulated food industry. They are also primary concerns for many consumers.

For York House, provenance and traceability were founding principles. We select all our meat in keeping with our own very high standards, which means that we comfortably meet and exceed the regulatory requirements.

We also recognise the need to give customers a choice of provenance. All our products can be made from any of the different meat sources we use, according to the specifications provided by each customer. Simply tell us what you want your products to be made from and we can guarantee the right quality, from outdoor reared pork, to Aberdeen Angus beef, through to a wide variety of British or European meat sources.